THE MANY VIDEOS BELOW NOT WORKING I WILL GRADUALLY RESTORE AS TIME PERMITS! THE FIRST 5 VIDEOS ARE NOW WORKING.There was problems transferring the video software integrated with the videos to another far faster and excellent Hosting Provider with Solid State Drives.

Ministered on Sunday 10.14.2018
Message length: ( 22.23 minutes )


2 Responses to Internet TV Messages

  • K.K. says:

    Hellow Bro D. I just wanted to say thankyou for sending, as well as preaching the pure unadulterated Word of God without compromise through these trying, and eventful times. They are very uplifting, and yet challenging at the same time. God bless you along with your wonderful, and encouraging ministry.


  • George says:

    I am happy with the work that you do here
    I would love to be adding comments on the site

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