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December 11, 2014 Thursday
Philippians 1:

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December 6, 2014 Saturday

Galatians 5:

It is not the outward performance of keeping ceremonial laws that justifies us before God to receive his acceptance and grace but rather our response of faith to the love of God revealed to us by personally perceiving God’s mercy to us out of the fear of God which is the right recognition of the goodness of God out of the integrity of God’s love in required judgment upon us.

Galatians 5:5-7 For we through the Spirit wait for the hope of righteousness by faith. 6 For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love. 7 Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?1

It is the lusts of the flesh that cause division and the tearing down of one another which as such leads to believe in acceptance before God out of mere outward performance to justify self worship through self trust and an priority motivation and focus on the flesh.

(Gal 5:16) [This] I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

If we are Christ’s we have crucified the flesh with its over desires of affections and if we are not Christ self is where our main focus and desires are.

December 8, 2014 Monday

Psalms 23:

But we know the Lord as indeed our Shepherd there is no want for anything because we know he always provides for what is the best for us. God makes us to lie down in green pastures and in places where it is peaceful. We experience God leading us into opportunities of righteousness that glorify who God is. In fact even if we’re going through a dark valley of trial where there is the threat of death all around us we will choose to fear no evil out of the awareness that God is with us with the forces of his great power to protect us and comfort us. God even prepares a table of blessing before us in the presence of our enemies. Even our head shines with the anointing of God’s presence and our inner being runs over with life. We can have the assurance of God’s goodness and mercy to follow us all the days of our life and that we will dwell in the very house of the Lord forever.

Psalms 52:

There are those that will lie over and over when it totally hurts and destroys other people’s lives just so they can be rich and that is where their trust is. In the end God will destroy such people with everlasting destruction and violently take their life in this world. As believers our prosperity is in the house of God were God’s dwelling is and we’re always trusting in God’s mercy forever and ever. We also wait on the name of God because we know his name is filled with goodness before all those who are his holy ones.

By holding back our own pesumptuous self initiations by spending time dwelling on focusing on God brings an intertwining of identity in God and a gathering of His presence and the power of His Spirit in us to show forth His glory.

Def: wait vs. 9

H6960 קָוָה qavah (kaw-vaw’) v.

1. to bind together (perhaps by twisting), i.e. collect

2. (figuratively) to expect

[a primitive root]

KJV: gather (together), look, patiently, tarry, wait (for, on, upon).

Strong’s #6960: AHLB#1419-J (V)

1419) Eq% (Eq% QH) ac: Collect co: Cord ab: ?: Related to fq.

H) Eeq% (Eeq% QHH) ac: Dull co: ? ab: ?: [Unknown connection to root;]

V) Eeq% (Eeq% Q-HH) — Dull: A dull blade or dull teeth as bad. [freq. 4] (vf: Paal, Piel) |kjv: edge, blunt| {H6949}

J) Efq% (Efq% QWH) ac: Collect co: Cord ab: ?

V) Efq% (Efq% QWH) — I. Gather: To be bound together. II. Wait: To be held back by being bound. [freq. 49] (vf: Paal, Niphal, Piel, Participle) |kjv: wait, look, gather| {H6960}

Nm) Efq% (Efq% QWH) — Cord: Used for binding. [freq. 3] |kjv: line| {H6961}

hm) Efqm% (Efqm% MQ-WH) — I. Collection: A collection of water (a pool, pond or sea) or horses (herd). II. Waiting: Held back waiting for something. [freq. 12] |kjv: yarn, hope, gathering, pool, plenty, abiding| {H4723}

hf1) Efqm% (Efqm% MQ-WH) — Ditch: A place for collecting water. [freq. 1] |kjv: ditch| {H4724}

L) Eqi% (Eqi% YQH) ac: Collect co: ? ab: ?

Nf1) Eeqi% (Eeqi% YQ-HH) — Collection: [freq. 2] |kjv: gathering, obey| {H3349}

December 9, 2014 Tuesday

Proverbs 1:

Def: Knowledge

H1847 דַּעַת da`ath (dah’-ath) n-e.

1. knowledge

[from H3045]

KJV: cunning, (ig-)norantly, know(-ledge), (un-)awares (wittingly).

Root(s): H3045

H3045 יָדַע yada` (yaw-dah’) v.

1. to know

2. (properly) to ascertain by seeing

3. used in a great variety of senses

4. figuratively, literally, euphemistically and inferentially (including observation, care, recognition

5. and causatively, instruction, designation, punishment, etc.) (as follow)

Strong’s #1847: AHLB#1085-A (N2)

1085) Od% (Od% DAh) ac: See co: ? ab: Knowledge: The pictograph d is a picture of a door. The o is a picture of the eye. Through the eyes one experiences his world and learns from it. Combined these pictures mean “the door of the eye”. The eye is the window into the mans very being. Experience is gained through visual observation. Knowledge is achieved through these experiences.

A) Od% (Od% DAh) ac: ? co: ? ab: Knowledge: To have an intimate relationship with another person, an idea or an experience.

Nm) Od% (Od% DAh) — Knowledge: [freq. 5] |kjv: opinion, knowledge| {H1843}

Nf1) Eod% (Eod% D-AhH) — Knowledge: [freq. 6] |kjv: knowledge| {H1844}

Nf2) Tod% (Tod% D-AhT) — Knowledge: [freq. 93] |kjv: knowledge, know| {H1847}

am) Odm% (Odm% MD-Ah) — Knowledge: [freq. 6] |kjv: knowledge, thought, science| {H4093}

J) Ofd% (Ofd% DWAh) ac: ? co: ? ab: Why: A desire to know something.

am) Ofdm% (Ofdm% M-DWAh) — Why: [ms: edm] [freq. 6] |kjv: wherefore, why, how| {H4069}

L) Odi% (Odi% YDAh) ac: See co: ? ab: Knowledge: To have an intimate relationship with another person, an idea or an experience.

V) Odi% (Odi% Y-DAh) — Know: [Hebrew and Aramaic] [freq. 994] (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hiphil, Hitpael, Hophal, Pual, Piel, Participle) |kjv: know, known, knowledge, perceive, shew, tell, wist, understand, certainly, acknowledge, acquaintance, consider, declare, teach| {H3045, H3046}

km) Odfm% (Odfm% MW-DAh) — Kinsman: A relative who is known. [ms: edm] [freq. 2] |kjv: kinsman, kinswoman| {H4129}

kf2) Todfm% (Todfm% MW-D-AhT) — Kindred: The community of relatives. [freq. 1] |kjv: kindred| {H4130}

mfm) Inodi% (Inodi% YD-Ah-NY) — Wizard: One with special knowledge. [freq. 11] |kjv: wizard| {H3049}

Def: simpicity

H6612 פְּתִי פֶּתִי פְּתָאִי pthiy (peth-ee’) (or pethiy {peh’-thee} or pthaeiy {peth-aw-ee’};) adj.

1. silly (i.e. seducible)

[from H6601]

KJV: foolish, simple(-icity, one).

Root(s): H6601

H6601 פָּתָה pathah (paw-thaw’) v.

1. to open, i.e. be (causatively, make) roomy

2. usually figuratively (in a mental or moral sense) to be (causatively, make) simple or (in a sinister way) delude

(Prov 1:7) The fear of the LORD [is] the beginning of knowledge: [but] fools despise wisdom and instruction.

The fear of the LORD is the choice to recognize God for who God really is in ultimate power and goodness which can only be contained in His holiness out of which springs His power to provided mercy. Without this there is no consistent and immovable foundation for consequence and without such a foundation there can be no constructive application of knowledge which is wisdom.

(Prov 1:29) For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD:

(Prov 1:30) They would none of my counsel: they despised all my reproof.

(Prov 1:31) Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices.

December 10, 2014 Wednesday

Philippians 1:
The norm is to experience fellowship in the gospel (vs. 5) with each other with a love that is a abounding more and more in knowledge and that all judgment. When love is the supreme motivating factor there is not the skewing of self seeking motives so that one can see through outward appearance to the heart and therefore have an accurate knowledge of right from wrong to make effective judgments towards others out of love. Vs 9 This way we are indeed able to approve what is excellent and will not bring wrong offence towards others or God. 1- 11

Our desire should only be that God is magnified in us and through us even when we are misrepresented and falsely accused. 12-20

December 11, 2014 Thursday

Psalms 18:

Def: God

H433 אֱלוַֹהּ אֱלוַֹהּ ‘elowahh (el-o’-ah; rarely (shortened) >eloahh {el-o’-ah}) n-m.

1. a deity or the Deity

[probably prolonged (emphat.) from H410]

KJV: God, god. See H0430.

Root(s): H410

See also: H430

H410 אֵל ‘el (ale) n-m.

1. strength

2. (as adjective) mighty

3. (especially) the Almighty (but used also of any deity)

[shortened from H352]

KJV: God (god), X goodly, X great, idol, might(-y one), power, strong.

Root(s): H352

H430 אֱלוֹהִים ‘elohiym (el-o-heem’) n-m.

1. gods in the ordinary sense

2. but specifically used (in the plural thus, especially with the article) of the supreme God

3. occasionally applied by way of deference to magistrates

4. and sometimes as a superlative

[plural of H433]

For who [is] God save the LORD? or who [is] a rock save our God? (vs 31)

  1. Acknowledging and confessing God as the source of our strength and deliverance and calling upon him from the depths of our being in the time of trouble brings deliverance. 1-16

  2. God’s deliverance is towards those he delights in which are those that are upright before God and keep his ways and have acknowledgment of his great mercy toward them which they show towards others and have great humility before Him. 17-27

  3. In the time of darkness and oppression God causes the soul of those who are such to light up like a candle when they experience the oppression of darkness. Verse 28

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