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The Baptism of Purity that Overcomes All


November 27, 2014 Thursday
Luke 3:

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November 25, 2014 Tuesday

Luke 3:

The baptism of repentance is the receptive soaking in and absorption of God by turning from absorption of the things of this world. This is repentance out of the awareness of ones deserved wrath in hellish torment forever from God because of the integrity of God’s love that will not condone such sins or sinful lifestyle and of the greatness of God’s mercy to provide atoning sacrifice. John foretells that the Messiah, the lamb, and thus the ultimate atoning sacrifice of God Himself, will soak their whole soul and body with God’s Holy Spirit and with the consuming presence therein that will burn up the dross of deceptive sinful self seeking motives and deeds.

November 26, 2014 Wednesday

Deuteronomy 17:

  1. To offer our lives and what we own sacrificially unto God with compromise is an abomination unto the LORD. Vs 1

  2. idolatry which is the worship of other things above God in our lives requires complete judgment unto death in our lives and also in fellow members of the body of Christ. Anything less would be compromise and spread as leaven to others utter ruin. 2-7

  3. It is presumption that leads to the justification of idolatry. 8-13

  4. The requirement of leadership is that they hate covetousness and do not multiply wives or gold unto themselves. This also requires learning to fear God by reading much of the word of God each day. It is the fear of God the keeps one from a state of pride that is an abomination before God from which all other sins spring forth. 14-20

November 27, 2014 Thursday

Joshua 22:

When we truly desire to be one with the Lord and with each other in the body of Christ it is important that we do not overlook the differences between each other that have potential for division. It is important to expose those differences that could cause misunderstanding in the process in order to bring the other party or individual to confront the misunderstanding that they deem a compromise or offense against the LORD and them. There must be such a love for God and hate for what is against the love of God to confront all that may appear to be sin against God to indeed be prepared to cut such individuals or groups off. This is if indeed they are in sin and likewise to receive them with covenant to remove such misunderstanding in the future if they are not in sin. If Israel had not confronted the seeming compromise it would’ve given ground for the enemy to bring compromise into their camp. To verbally communicate with the other party that may deem that we are seeking to compromise them in relation to God clears up the misunderstanding and bridges the gap against the accuser of the brethren and protects the glory of God’s name.

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