Exceptional Miracles

Highly Verified Miracle of Brain Skull Replacement

 Highly Verified Supernatural Skull
Replacement and Disappearance of Large Cancer Growth

Heidi Baker’s Inspiring Life of The Miraclous

This woman of God has so greatly inspired me to live in passionate love for Christ as she does. For example, you will watch how God miraculously multiplied the food when she laid her life on the line for Christ.



Aliss Cresswell’s Miraculous Works By The Holy Spirit

This video gives a reenacted account of exceptionally powerful miracles and workings of the Holy Spirit through the ministry of Aliss Cresswell.





Powerful Miracle of Healing From MS

Beginning of End Time Revival

I went to a meeting at the River Fellowship ( http://www.theriverfellowship.com ) on Saturday which normally has their meeting on Sundays. They had a man of God share who was from the  Soviet Union whose name is  Sergei Makarenko (of “Holy Spirit Explosion!” fame), who is the lead Pastor of New Life Christian Centre in North Vancouver (http://www.newlifenorthshore.com). What he shared was powerful beyond my expectation ( https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/river-streams/id432827648 ) and points towards a powerful end time revival. This could well begin in North Vancouver considering what God is doing through the body of Christ their. I also know that North Shore Christian Centre where I attended for many years is a church that is very much awake and filled with the fire of love and passion for Christ. You can hear this very awesome message which will really bless you towards a far greater first love for Christ and kindle a passion for reaching the lost in your heart. The following link will take you to where you can see the link with his name, Sergei Makarenko and click to hear the message. ( https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/river-streams/id432827648 ). I am so inspired by what Sergei preached that I look forward to doing the kind of evangelism that is effectual like he is doing with signs and wonders.

Angels Protected Him From Beheading



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