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Preached as the Oracles
of God on Feb.16, 2014 ( 1. 20. 36 )

Introduction up to 4:20
Main Message from 4:20 to 1.20.36

February 3, 2014 Monday
Psalms 34:
King David in the midst of the most humbling and difficult circumstances knew the secret to complete deliverance and victory. He was continually blessing and praising God with his mouth. He sought the Lord and knew that God heard him and had the assurance of God with Him that delivered Him from all his fears. He recognized that gazing at God with the eye of his heart was the source of light that took away all shame. He recognized the utter importance of fearing God as the secret to God’s goodness being revealed so that one was not motivated to covet or grasp for temporal things but to trust God for what is best for them. He recognized and taught that the fear of God is basically choosing to understand and recognize what is good and that it is only contained in the holiness of God which is the opposite of evil and deceitfulness. He recognized that the fear of God births humility and a broken and contrite heart that allows God to dwell close to such. He recognized that God allows those that are righteous to go through many trials that they may learn through those trials to trust in God and experience God’s deliverance.

February 4, 2014 Tuesday
Jeremiah 10:
Idolaters become like on to the items that they create for themselves. They have customs and religious form but all that is in them is empty and dead like their idols with no life in them. They seek after amusements and signs of the times rather than seeking the Lord that can truly give them direction for the future. Therefore God will pour out his anger on those that have refused his love and life for their independence from God the source of love and life.

February 5, 2014 Wednesday
Psalms 136:
May we give thanks to the Lord individually and corporately by recognizing the greatness of his mercy to us and to God’s people in all things.
The first three thanksgivings for God’s mercy enduring forever are onto God for who God is. The next set of thanksgivings are onto God for the great wonders that he does and for creating the universe and our own particular solar system with the great lights such as the sun and the moon. The next set of Thanksgiving is for God’s deliverance of his people from bondage by his judgment upon the source of bondage and oppression. This includes the wonders of that deliverance such as passing through the Red Sea. We give thanks for his deliverance from those greater and mightier than us who sought to destroy us. We give thanks that God remembers us in our low estate when we are humbled before him. We give thanks because he provides us food and also his creation. And we conclude by giving thanks unto the God of heaven itself where our destiny lies because this also is his mercy that endures forever.

February 6, 2014 Thursday
Genesis 19: The angels that came to destroy Sodom and Gormorah
When Christians individually or corporately are willing to compromise by living in an environment of sin in order to have a life of ease, in the end they are brought low and lose their identity and purpose individually and corporately.

February 8, 2014 Saturday
Psalms 23:
When God in Christ is truly our shepherd there is no anxious desire for anything because we experience a relationship with God that brings rest and peace and causes us to drink of the deep pure waters of His Spirit. This is also because we experience the restoration of our soul in complete wholeness in Christ. In fact we do not fear any form of evil towards us because we are aware that God is with us with power and authority to protect us. We also experience God’s provision of blessing in the very presence of our enemies with his anointed presence and overflowing soul and material prosperity. We have assurance of destiny in heaven forever with God who is the very source of perfect love and with his family in complete unity.

February 10, 2014 Monday
Psalms 89:
Worship and praise is first brought forth in describing the perfection of the being of God in holiness and mercy that brings the absolute fear of God in those that are sanctified into a pure life in relationship with God. God’s mighty works are then described and then the great blessings of those that have intimate relationship with God. This is in the context of a time when they are experiencing the opposite in great judgments from God because of their sin.

February 11, 2014 Tuesday
2nd Chronicles 19:
It is important to choose to be courageous in order to have judgment that is without respect of persons nor in regards to reward. When this is the case God will reveal himself to be with the good. We are also not to condone those that hate the Lord by helping them or responding to their beckoning for help.
February 12, 2014 Wednesday
Luke 3:
There comes an appointed time of judgment when those that have resisted the truth and lived a life that has born fruit onto death will be cut off from their destiny that could have been heaven including their destiny that could have been blessed in this world. We are to be those that totally receive God’s reproof’s with a life of repentance that bears the fruit thereof. This means that we allow the fire of God’s judgment and of his presence to purge our lives from all impurity and that we pay the price onto death to reprove all the unfruitful works of darkness.

February 14, 2014 Friday
Malachi 2:
The cause for the erring spirit of adultery in the church and God’s people is turning away from the fear of God and losing delight in the holiness of God (vs 5) so that there is not the acknowledgment of God as the God of judgment. The result is false teaching that those that do evil are viewed as accepted and God in the sight of God. (vs 17)

February 15, 2014 Saturday
Isaiah 37:
When the blasphemies of the enemy and their words of defiance against the one true living God continue there comes a time when God brings them to utter destruction. The enemy may be allowed to shed much blood and conquer many nations in their blasphemies and defiance against the truth, but the time comes when the darkness of their evil has created a perfect backdrop to make the light of the glorious gospel of Christ shine at the greatest brightness. Today, God is allowing the same dark backdrop to form in order to judge the evil blasphemy of the so-called one god which is really the devil in disguise. Let us anticipate the soon coming judgments of God to bring forth his glory beginning on April 15 of 2014. Likewise as individuals who are living a holy life in love with God we may experience ongoing opposition and contrary circumstances with the enemy’s accusations that we will be defeated and brought to ruin. Let us recognize that as we trust God and bring these things before Him with much prayer and humility that God will turn these things to our great deliverance and blessing that brings great honor and glory to God in our lives.


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