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Entering Intimacy in Fullness Through Purity


September 6, 2014 Saturday
Song of Solomon 2:

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September 3, 2014 Wednesday
Psalms 27:

  1. The Assurance of God as our source of light and deliverance brings confidence and boldness that swallows up all fear in the face of imminent danger even from those that seek to kill our body. 1-3
  2. When we have one prevailing desire over all other desires which is to seek to be in the presence of God and to see ever more fully the beauty of who God, it is then we can know that there will be the covering of God’s presence and the rising up of God’s authority, joy, liberty and praise in us. 4-6
    1. Def: pavilion:
      cok (soke) n-m. 1. a hut (as of entwined boughs) 2. also a lair
  3. We need to seek God’s face with the awareness of God’s anger towards sin personally and corporately and acknowledge that God is our comfort more than any close friend and receives us. 7-10
  4. We need to ask God to teach us His ways and to lead us in a plain path because of our enemies. We need to believe to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. 11-13
  5. It is very important to wait on the LORD and to take the initiative to be of good courage. Vs 14

September 4, 2014 Thursday
Hebrews 12:

  1. Looking unto Jesus and considering His perseverance through trials for the joy set before. 1-3
  2. The evidence that we are God’s children is that we are put into trials by God for our profit to be partakers of God’s holiness. 4-10
    1. Isaiah 57:14-18
    2. Def: Son:
      G5207 υἱόςhuios (hwee-os’) n. 1. a “son”
      1,,5207,huios p
      rimarily signifies the relation of offspring to parent (see Joh 9:18-20; Gal 4:30. It is often used metaphorically of prominent moral characteristics (see below). “It is used in the NT of (a) male offspring, Gal 4:30; (b) legitimate, as opposed to illegitimate offspring, Heb 12:8; (c) descendants, without reference to sex, Rom 9:27; (d) friends attending a wedding, Mat 9:15; (e) those who enjoy certain privileges, Act 3:25;
  3. We are to proactive to pursue holiness and to look for those that start to fall out of the grace of God with bitterness that can defile many. 11-17
  4. We are come unto the prominent manifestation of God’s kingdom in mercy over judgment that speaks better things than Abel so that we need to receive grace to serve God out of godly fear. 18-29

September 6, 2014 Saturday
Song of Solomon 2:

  1. The LORD bride is plainly revealed as prosperous and pure like a lily among thorns. Vs 1
  2. We need to learn to sit down under God’s shadow of covering with great delight that we might enter into the experience of marriage with God. This means that we must not self initiate our own attempts to make it happen. 3-7
  3. The LORD reveals Himself in part and His voice is heard with great anticipation of love by those who have endured his chastisement in trials. 8-13
  4. The LORD hides himself that it might increase the hunger and longing of communion with Him. 14
  5. All earthly distractions are removed that would hinder fruitfulness on to the Lord that is accompanied also with a delight in the purity of God in us for communion with God. This is done with perseverance until there is the breaking forth of his coming in fullness. 15-17

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