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August 14, 2014 Thursday
1 John 2:

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August 14, 2014 Thursday

1st John 2:1-17

    1. Acknowledging that we can be deceived to be in darkness and sin and knowing that we can be forgiven and cleansed through Christ as our Advocate is the first essential to not sin against God. 1-2
    2. The evidence that we really know God is in keeping God’s commandments and living like Christ lived in this world. 3-6
    3. Keeping God’s commandment as evidence of knowing God involves not only keeping the old commandments but also therein keeping the new commandment. 7-8
    4. Darkness and the effect of blinding is in those that hold unforgiveness and hate others because it is evident that they are not abiding in the source of light that is received out of perceiving the holiness of God and God’s mercy and love that issues there-from towards such. 9-11
    5. God’s name is upheld in His Holiness out of which issues His power to provide mercy and forgiveness. We can only know the Father if we have come to know God’s forgiveness as children of God. We can only be true fathers to others by knowing the God as the Father. We can only know victory if we know our strength in the Father. 12-14
    6. The Secret to knowing the Father and overcoming the world is to not love the temporal things of this world so that they motivate us with desire for temporal fulfillment against doing God’s will in our lives. 15-17
    7. We should be aware that it is the last time because of the many anti-Christs that there are and of those that even come among the gathering of the church and the leave out of divisiveness and pride. 18-19
    8. We do not need anyone to teach us to know right from wrong when we are exposed to deception and false teachers because the anointing which is the truth abides in us and bears witness to what is truth from what is not. 20-27
    9. The important thing is to abide in God instead of this world so that we will be ready for His coming. We should recognize the evidence of this abiding is in a life that is genuinely righteous because this reveals we have received the Holiness and Mercy of God that brings forth the new nature of God that is righteous. 28-29

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