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September 19, 2014 Tuesday
Joshua 1:

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September 16, 2014 Tuesday
Joshua 1:

  1. God assures us that He is with us and repeatedly emphasizes that He will not fail us nor forsake us when facing opposition far stronger than us. May we be brought to the place of being ready to inherit for God’s glory 1-5
  2. God emphasizes that we are focus on taking the self Initiative on solely one thing which is to be strong and very courageous in observing to do all that God has commanded us. There is danger of departing from the commandment of God towards the extreme of the right or the left which is entering the unbelief that caused them to fail the first time. 6-7
  3. God commands his people to meditate in his Word day and night and to have it in our mouth. 8
  4. When God commands us there is every reason to do his commandments with strength and courage and without fear or discouragement because of the knowledge that God is with us in all of this. 9
  5. When possessing the heathen for God it requires that all participate in unity on until the enemy is conquered. 10-15
  6. God’s people need to see the evidence that God is indeed with the leadership in that they are raised up of God and also that they are very strong and courageous in the face of opposition. 16-18

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