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October 3, 2015 Friday
Psalms 79:

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October 2, 2015 Friday

Psalms 79:

(Ps 79:5) How long, LORD? wilt thou be angry for ever? shall thy jealousy burn like fire?

(Ps 79:6) Pour out thy wrath upon the heathen that have not known thee, and upon the kingdoms that have not called upon thy name.

(Ps 79:7) For they have devoured Jacob, and laid waste his dwelling place.

Def: purge

(Ps 79:9) Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of thy name: and deliver us, and purge away our sins, for thy name’s sake.

(Ps 79:10) Wherefore should the heathen say, Where is their God? let him be known among the heathen in our sight by the revenging of the blood of thy servants which is shed.

(Ps 79:11) Let the sighing of the prisoner come before thee; according to the greatness of thy power preserve thou those that are appointed to die;

(Ps 79:12) And render unto our neighbours sevenfold into their bosom their reproach, wherewith they have reproached thee, O Lord.

H3722 כָּפַר kaphar (kaw-far’) v.

1. to cover (specifically with bitumen)

2. (figuratively) to expiate or condone, to placate or cancel

[a primitive root]

KJV: appease, make (an atonement, cleanse, disannul, forgive, be merciful, pacify, pardon, purge (away), put off, (make) reconcile(-liation).


Strong’s #3722: AHLB#2283 (V)

2283) Rpk% (Rpk% KPR) ac: Cover co: Lid ab: Atonement: A protective covering to go over something or the covering of a debt or wrong. [from: ph] (eng: cover – with the exchange of the v and p)

V) Rpk% (Rpk% K-PR) — Cover: [freq. 102] (vf: Paal, Hitpael, Pual, Piel) |kjv: atonement, purge, reconcile, forgive, purge, pacify, mercy, cleanse, disannul, appease, put, pardon, pitch| {H3722}

bm) Ripk% (Ripk% K-PYR) — I. Village: A village is a community outside of the city walls and covered with protection from the city. II. Young lion: [Unknown connection to root;] [freq. 32] |kjv: lion, village, young| {H3715}

cm) Rfpk% (Rfpk% K-PWR) — I. Bason: A vessel with a lid cover. II. Frost: As covering the ground. [freq. 9] |kjv: bason, hoarfrost| {H3713}

cf2) Trfpk% (Trfpk% K-PW-RT) — Lid: As a covering. [ms: trpk] [freq. 27] |kjv: mercy seat| {H3727}

gm) Rpfk% (Rpfk% KW-PR) — I. Covering: A covering such as pitch or a monetary covering such as a bribe or ransom. [ms: rpk] II. Village: A village is a community outside of the city walls and covered with protection from the city. [ms: rpk] [freq. 19] |kjv: ransom, satisfaction, bribe, camphire, pitch, village| {H3723, H3724}

edm) Rfpik% (Rfpik% KY-PWR) — Atonement: A covering over of transgression. [ms: rpk] [freq. 8] |kjv: atonement| {H3725}

Def: prevent

(Ps 79:8) O remember not against us former iniquities: let thy tender mercies speedily prevent us: for we are brought very low.

H6923 קָדַם qadam (kaw-dam’) v.

1. to project (one self), i.e. precede

2. (hence) to anticipate, hasten, meet (usually for help)

[a primitive root]

Strong’s #6923: AHLB#2698 (V)

2698) Mdq% (Mdq% QDM) ac: Face co: East ab: Before: The place of the rising sun. The Hebrews recognized the east as the top of the four compass points (contrary to our understanding of north) and is the direction faced when orienting direction. The past is understood as what is in front, or before, you as the past is known (contrary to our understanding of the future being in front of us). [from: md – the red color blood combined with the quph as the rising sun, hence the “rising sun of blood”]

V) Mdq% (Mdq% Q-DM) — Face: To go or meet face to face. To go before someone or something in space or time. [freq. 26] (vf: Hiphil, Piel) |kjv: prevent, before, met, come, disappoint, go| {H6923}

Nm) Mdq% (Mdq% Q-DM) — I. East: II. Ancient: A distant past. III. Before: In front or to the face. Also a time before. [freq. 87] |kjv: east, old, eastward, ancient, before, aforetime, eternal| {H6924}

Nf1) Emdq% (Emdq% QD-MH) — Before: Something in front, or to the face. A time past. [Hebrew and Aramaic] [freq. 8] |kjv: former, old, afore, antiquity, ago, aforetime| {H6927, H6928}

bm) Midq% (Midq% Q-DYM) — East: [ms: Mdq] [freq. 69] |kjv: east, eastward| {H6921}

dm) Mfdq% (Mfdq% Q-DWM) — Ancient: A distant past. [freq. 1] |kjv: ancient| {H6917}

ef1) Emdiq% (Emdiq% QYD-MH) — East: [ms: hmdq] [freq. 4] |kjv: east, eastward| {H6926}

fm) Imdq% (Imdq% Q-D-MY) — First: As what came before. [Aramaic only] [freq. 3] |kjv: first| {H6933}

gm) Mdfq% (Mdfq% QW-DM) — Before: Something in front, or to the face. [Aramaic only] [ms: Mdq] [freq. 42] |kjv: before, him| {H6925}

jm) Nfmdq% (Nfmdq% QD-MWN) — East: [freq. 1] |kjv: east| {H6930}

jfm) Infmdq% (Infmdq% QD-MW-NY) — I. East: [ms: ynmdq] II. Ancient: A distant past. III. Before: In front or to the face. Also a time before. [freq. 10] |kjv: east, former, ancient, before, old| {H6931}

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