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Good Churches I Have Discovered or Attended in North West America

North Shore Christian Centre

I have not attended this church

I recently found on the internet a church that is very on fire but it is in Seattle. They speak in Russian but some of their worship in singing and in prophetic words is in English. You can watch and sing with very pure and beautiful worship music. Here is the link to their services on video at https://lttwchurch.com/media/video/

I attended this church till around 2010


This church is the greatest example by far of the way God wants His church to be in assembly of worship and that will be obvious when you listen to their worship service which is very powerful. Here is an audio of two of their meetings that is typical in worship. I recommend listening to the first audio link because it is a far better example of an awesome time of worship which happens in their normal Sunday morning service. ( http://loverealized.com////audiochurchs/nscc-07-11-2010.mp3North Shore Christian centre teaches against the danger of rock music but does use many modern good songs also. 

Though this church has had its failures an faults as most churches do they have termendous love and passion for Christ with much prayer and witnessing. I see them as going through the heavenly gate of the tribe of Judah in heaven because they have similar characteristics spiritually.

I attended this church for around a total of 10 to 12 years and very much miss them. Their prayer meetings are packed not only on Sundays but with a good number at 7 in the morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  They are very balanced in main doctrines but believe some things that they promote that make them denominational even though they claim to be the opposite. The leader wrote a book about the difference between using the word, Holy Ghost, and the word, Holy Spirit and though I do see the significance of why the KJV did this I do not see it as necessary as it is not in the original manuscripts. They strongly encourage to only use the KJV because they are aware of the subtle compromise in other versions.  They are very sensitive to the Holy Spirit so that many give words as the oracles of God out of the time in worship. When people give these words it is very common for the same theme and even very specific words and scriptures to be the same from others without knowing it and for the Pastor to have already had the same prepared in his sermon. 

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