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July 28, 2014 Monday
Luke 3:

Christ said that John the Baptist was the greatest among men. This was not because of the power to do miracles because he did not operate in that gift. It was because of the great anointing upon him because of his expressed hate for sin and love for righteousness that was coupled with great humility that only wanted to seek the glory of God. This resulted in preaching that brought great conviction so that people asked what to do to repent and become fruitful unto God. He emphasized repentance that resulted a life of fruitfulness unto God in all aspects of our life that did not grasp for wealth in relationships. John the Baptist stands in great contrast with another man of God, Elijah. John was beheaded and did not even get to see the greater works that Christ did whereas Elijah was translated. It seems that Christ considered the life of John greater than the life of Elijah that called down fire that destroyed legions of solders. There is also this relationship with God the Father and God as the Son where out of love through the fear of God death works in one that life might work in the other. (Isa. 33:5-7)  

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