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February 15, 2016 Monday
Song of Solomon 4: and 2 Corinthians 7:

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February 6, 2016 Saturday

Isaiah 63:

God’s anger is against the nations and there is the day of His vengeance against them for being against the nations of Israel which is actually their rebellion against Elohim. This day of God’s vengeance is also the year for Elohim to redeem His people. 1-6

Though God showed great mercy and goodness towards Israel they were not thankful as evident in the fact that they disobeyed and provoked His Holy Spirit. For this reason Elohim became their enemy by bringing judgment upon them. 7-10

The reason God hardened their hearts so that they would not fear of God was because they first made the choice to rebel against Elohim and His goodness towards them. 17


February 8, 2015 Monday

2nd Samuel 15:

King David did not hold to his position as King but put it entirely in God’s hand. He said, 2Sam 15:25-26 (KJV) (15:25) And the king said unto Zadok, Carry back the ark of God into the city: if I shall find favour in the eyes of the LORD, he will bring me again, and shew me [both] it, and his habitation: (15:26) But if he thus say, I have no delight in thee; behold, [here am] I, let him do to me as seemeth good unto him.


February 9, 2016 Tuesday

Psalms 150: and Psalms 92:

Psalms 150:

Def: Praise
H1984 הָלַל halal (haw-lal’) v.

1. to be clear (orig. of sound, but usually of color)

2. to shine

3. (hence) to make a show, to boast

4. and thus to be (clamorously) foolish

5. to rave

6. causatively, to celebrate

  1. also to stultify

1104) Le% (Le% HL) ac: Shine co: Star ab: Distant: The pictograph e is a picture of a man with his arms raised looking at a great sight. The l is a shepherd staff representing the idea of “toward” as the staff is used to move a sheep toward a direction. Combined these letters mean “a looking toward something” such as the looking toward a light in the distance. The stars have always been used to guide the traveler or shepherd to find his home or destination.

A) Le% (Le% HL) ac: Look co: ? ab: ?: To look toward a sight.

Nm) Le% (Le% HL) — I. These: Designating a group that is with the speaker. In the sense of looking toward a sight. [Hebrew and Aramaic; The short form “e” is used as a prefix meaning “look” and translated as “the”.] [df: la hla] II. Toward: A moving to or toward something to be with it as the ox moves toward a destination. [df: la] [freq. 69] |kjv: these, those, this, thus, who, so, such, some, same, other, which, another, whom, they, them| {H411, H412, H413, H428, H429,}

em) Lie% (Lie% HYL) — These: Designating a group that is with the speaker. In the sense of looking toward a sight. [Aramaic only] [df: Kla] [freq. 14] |kjv: these, those| {H479}

if1) Elet% (Elet% TH-LH) — Folly: In the sense of shining. [freq. 1] |kjv: folly| {H8417}

rm) Fle% (Fle% H-LW) — Behold: As to look at a sight. [Aramaic only] [df: wla] [ar: wra] [freq. 10] |kjv: behold, lo| {H431, H718}

sm) Nile% (Nile% H-LYN) — These: Designating a group that is with the speaker. In the sense of looking toward a sight. [Aramaic only] [df: Nla] [freq. 5] |kjv: these, the| {H459}

ief1) Eliet% (Eliet% T-HY-LH) — Shining: A shining through ones actions or words. May be in a positive (praise) or negative (folly) sense. [freq. 57] |kjv: praise| {H8416}

B) Lle% (Lle% HLL) ac: Shine co: ? ab: ?: To cause a shining of one by praising or giving thanks to another or to ones self.

V) Lle% (Lle% H-LL) — Shine: To shine through ones actions or words. [freq. 165] (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Hitpael, Pual, Piel, Participle) |kjv: praise, glory, boast, mad, shine, foolish, commended, rage, celebrate| {H1984}

am) Llem% (Llem% MH-LL) — Shine: [freq. 1] |kjv: praise| {H4110}

em) Llie% (Llie% HY-LL) — Star: [freq. 1] |kjv: Lucifer| {H1966}

gf1) Ellfe% (Ellfe% HW-L-LH) — Madness: As one shining in a negative sense. [freq. 4] |kjv: madness| {H1947}

of3) Tfllfe% (Tfllfe% HW-L-LWT) — Madness: As one shining in a negative sense. [freq. 1] |kjv: madness| {H1948}

bdm) Lflie% (Lflie% HY-LWL) — Shine: [ms: lwlh] [freq. 2] |kjv: praise, merry| {H1974}


Ps 150:1-6 (KJV)

(150:1) Praise ye the LORD. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power. (150:2) Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness. (150:3) Praise him with the sound of the trumpet: praise him with the psaltery and harp. (150:4) Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs. (150:5) Praise him upon the loud cymbals: praise him upon the high sounding cymbals. (150:6) Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.

Those that praise and worship the LORD out of a genuine heart of love for Elohim also triumph in the works of God’s hands. Such are planted in the house of the LORD and will even bear fruit in old age.

February 10, 2016 Wednesday

Song of Solomon 4:

Def: Lebanon: Whiteness

Def: Amana: constancy, a settled provision

Def: Shenir: bear the lamp

Def: Hermon: devoted, banned

  1. The bride falls in love with the bridegroom and expresses her attraction to His purity and beauty. 1-7
  2. The bridegroom calls the bride that has come to the place of purity (lebanon: whiteness) to come with Him into heavenly places first to Amana which is the place of constancy and settled provision. Next she is brought to Shenir, the place of bearing the torch of light to shine forth against all darkness. Thirdly she is brought to mount Hermon, the place of being devoted and willingly bound in devotion to the bridegroom. IN these things she enters the place of authority and power in heavenly places with Christ. 8
  3. The bridegroom then delights in the bride greatly because of the beauty of the gaze of her heart on Him. (9) He joyfully takes in the purity of her garments. (11) He sees in her a garden and a fountain that has not yet been released to enjoy but is sealed for the appointed time. 9-14
  4. The time then soon comes when the wind of the Holy Spirit of Elohim releases the garden of spices in the bride and then the bridegroom comes down and there is the marriage supper of the Lamb of God. 15-16 

February 11, 2016 Thursday

Hosea 8:

Deuteronomy 4:

We are to keep our soul diligently and to take heed to ourselves lest the things God has shown us depart.

February 12, 2016 Friday

2nd Corinthians 7:

Def: filthiness:

G3436 μολυσμός molusmos (mol-oos-mos’) n.

1. a stain

2. (figuratively) immorality

[from G3435]

KJV: filthiness

Root(s): G3435

G3435 μολύνω moluno (mol-oo’-no) v.

1. to soil (figuratively)

[probably from G3189]

KJV: defile

In regards to inheriting the promises of God including eternal life this requires perfecting holiness in the fear of God in order to be cleansed from the filthiness of flesh and spirit. This will cause some of those that claim to be Christians in the body of Christ to persecute and reject us and even seek to move a whole assembly of believers against us. 2Tim 3:12 (KJV) Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. Paul commanded the church at Corinth to receive them because they lived a pure life that had corrupted no one, wronged no one, or defrauded no one. As Paul we should have such a love for one another in the body of Christ locally and beyond that we can truly say that it is in our hearts to die and to live with you. As Paul we can experience great joy in all our tribulation when we know it is for God’s purpose and glory to be brought forth through our lives and especially towards those we are related to in the body of Christ locally and beyond. Our speech is bold with authority towards the body of Christ because our love is very pure and thereby very strong towards the body of Christ out of love for Elohim. 1-4

Those that truly love fellow believers are willing and will speak the truth that may bring rejection and sorrow to believers but will result in genuine repentance. This is because of their love for the believers to not receive any damage through the deception of sin. Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation. It causes us to hate all that is contrary to the love of God with indignation and with genuine fear, carefulness, vehement desire, zeal and revenge against sin and evil. 5-11

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