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The Plan of God’s Kingdom Invasion


August 28, 2014 Thursday
Luke 10:

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August 28, 2014 Thursday

Luke 10:

  1. It depends on our burden and prayers for the multitudes that they might enter into their destiny through our prayers for laborers to be sent by God. God will equip laborers with the power and authority to deliver by casting out demons and will protect them. Those that reject will be judged. 1-16
  2. We should rejoice not because of the authority that God has given us but because our names are written in the book of life. 17-20
  3. Revelation comes to those who have been birthed out of the fear of God into humility. 21-24 Psalm 131:1-3
  4. The deception of self righteousness and religiousness forms a self seeking shell that does not love God and therefore cannot in truth and deed love ones neighbor because is does not abide in the mercy of God. 25-37
  5. We must be willing to sacrifice even what seems an immediate importance in our lives and rather trust God to take care of things so that we choose what is lasting for the kingdom of God and thus also in our own destiny. 38-42


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