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September 8, 2014  Monday
Luke 3:

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September 8, 2014 Monday

Luke 3:

  1. The conditions for the return of the LORD. 1-6
    1. repentance with baptism which is new identity. 3
    2. humility through the fear of God that breaks control. 5
    3. honesty through the fear of God that breaks wild fire and false conformity. 6
  2. Conformity to the being of God’s holiness that births hate for the opposite and a life that bears good fruit out of genuine repentance. 7-10
    1. Contrasting John the Baptist with Elijah in regards to hate for sin and God’s view of greatness.
    2. Integrity that breaks wrong and counterfeit identity
  3. The breaking of covetousness in material possessions out of genuine repentance. 11-14
  4. Hunger that feeds overcoming self seeking and self glory and that only seeks the identity in God and the glory of God that can stand in the time of judgment.15-18
    1. the humility of John out of being purified to seek only the glory of God 16
    2. chaff as a symbol of false identity. 17
  5. Paying the price for godliness that seeks God’s glory above self interest. 18-20
  6. The confirming of God’s authority. 21-22


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