• Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Radio Live

Radio to Bring Forth
The Bride Church on Fire and
Unlimited in Uncompromised Ultimate Love!

This radio station is committed to bringing forth the final consummate purpose and meaning of history and the universe.  This final and ultimate revolution will be through God’s fire of ultimate uncompromised love expressed in Christ’s Spirit led living corporate body. You can hear recent assemblies of worship from different places where the Spirit of God is moving in an exceptional way through His living body. I personally will give messages of what God is seeking to say and will call forth this end time bringing forth of the bride of Christ. There will also be many beautiful worship songs.

This radio station is committed to bringing the church out of all those things of the world that would compromise the church from becoming the pure bride of Christ ready for that consummate marriage supper with Christ, the Head. We will not play rock music but only music that is conducive to deep pure and reverent worship. Messages and services will be recent and very exceptional and from those churches that I have diligently searched out for the last 30 years my life and have and do attend in Vancouver, British Columbia and the Fraser Valley.

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