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The Revelation of God (Revelation 1)


Mar 3, 2015


The Revelation of God
Revelation 1:

Given on Saturday 02.28.2015
Message length:  ( 1. 33.05 )

Introduction up to 10:00
Main Message from 10:00 to 1.33.05

  1. The Revelation of Jesus Christ is given by God unto Jesus Christ and signified by the angel of Christ to John. It is to show events that will start to begin to take place shortly and show all the events therefrom to the end. This book is the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. 1-2
  2. Those that read and have ears to hear so that they keep what is written in Revelation will be greatly blessed. This message is from Elohim, the Almighties One True God. 4-6
  3. The Lord will return with multitudes like clouds. (Heb.12:1) Every eye shall see Christ including those that crucified him. 7-8
  4. This book is sent to the seven churches in Asia which represent seven conditions of the church throughout time as well as at their time. This book reveals what the apostle John saw, the present state of things and things which will be in the future. 9-11, 19.
  5. Christ is revealed to John in His power and glory with the voice like a trumpet that is also like a sword and like a multitude of waters, a garment down to the feet with a golden girdle, head and hairs white as white can be, eyes as a flame of fire, feet like unto burning brass, his countenance like the sun shining in full strength. He is the one who was dead but lives and has the keys of hell and of death. 12-18.

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