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The Secret That Is In God’s Ultimate Consummate Purpose


December 18, 2014 Thursday
Ephesians 1:

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December 13, 2014 Saturday

Song of Solomon 3: 1-5

  1. When we experience and have no evidence of God’s love towards us especially in a time of trial it is then that we need to exercise the love that God has already established in our hearts. This involves seeking God to degree of desperation that we disregard what others think of our desperation and hunger. When it is evident that our hunger is to the degree that the opinion of others does not matter and we have held nothing back in our pursuit it is then that God will answer our hunger with His very presence in intimate fellowship. 1-4a

  2. Our love now should cleave to the LORD in intimacy of fellowship with God and not let that fellowship be diminished but pursued to greater intimacy until we know that we have fully poured out truth of who we are and all related to us to God. Vs 4

  3. It is then that we will know our authority in Christ and command and rebuke with authority all that would take away from what pleases the LORD. Vs 5

December 15, 2014 Monday

Ephesians 1:

  1. Those that are in Christ have entered heavenly places where they have experienced being blessed with spiritual blessings by abiding in Christ. God had chosen us individually and as the corporate body of Christ to experience and enter into these spiritual blessings before the creation of the worlds so that by them we would be holy and blameless before God in love. God pre-marked our path and circumstances to bring us to the place of conversion be adopted as children because this was the very pleasure of His heart. 1-5

  2. The reason is because this would bring pure love in worship in praise focused towards the grace and out of the grace and the glory that is the very essence of Who God is and especially towards us. 6

    1. Grace is a description of Who God is in integrity of love that requires judgment and yet is so pure in love that there is the capacity that has also been carried out that can show mercy, forgiveness and then favor through God becoming a perfect atoning sacrifice for us. 6

  3. What makes us accepted in God and with each other is this right focus that will always result in worship of Who God is in an ultimate perfection of love in holiness that is so pure as to be able to provide grace, forgiveness and destiny without violating the Holiness of God. It is choosing to genuinely fear God that births this genuine perception of God and thereby conversion that always contains pure loving worship towards God. 6

  4. It is in Whom God is in His being of love revealed in grace that was contained the capacity and the act of redemption through His blood and the forgiveness of sins. 7

  5. It is in this same grace which is the issuance of the quality of God’s being of love that there is the abounding of wisdom and prudence towards us which is the right application of knowledge in a direction that is fully constructive unto ultimate purpose, meaning and life. This right application of knowledge in this way involved revealing what was hidden by God which is God’s ultimate delight and purpose of which we are the focus of material in process towards. It is that all the history of the world come to ultimate consummate meaning and purpose in the bringing forth of the oneness of all God’s creation throughout the universe in intimate love of oneness in Christ in God. 8-10

  6. Our lives who are in Christ have obtained inheritance having been pre-marked by God to have all things in our lives work towards God’s will and purpose of us being part of this consummate corporate marriage of us as a bride for God. 11

  7. It is because we are to the praise of God’s glory who first trusted in Christ that has made us partakers of this ultimate consummate purpose of God in Christ. To be to the praise of God’s glory means that we have been constituted anew with a quality only fit for fellowship with God that is innate to shine forth fully above all other things with expressions of loving worship to God. 12

  8. After we trusted and believed from our heart in the gospel we were given the experience of the immersion of God’s Holy Spirit in our lives which is a foretaste and evidenced down payment of our coming inheritance in oneness with God individually and as the corporate bride. 13-14

  9. When we see how great the inheritance is that we and fellow members of Christ can enter into it will be what we supremely desire and petition God for in our prayers for them that they receive what is needed to enter into inheriting and to bring others to enter through them. 15-16

  10. What is needed is to know the Father of glory so that we are given the the Spirit of God in the right application of knowledge and revelation of God as the Father of glory. 17

  11. This involves a seeing by the light of God’s Spirit how all things work together which is understanding which leads to knowing the hope of God’s calling as to how great it is. This also leads to knowing how great the riches of the glory of God’s inheritance in the saints is and how exceedingly great God’s power is towards us who believe. It is the power to conquer death and all things even as Christ was raised from the dead and is ultimate when coming forth as the corporate bride of Christ to rule over all things by being in the fullness of God who fills all things that exist. 18-23

December 16, 2014 Tuesday
Ephesians 1: 7-10 above

December 17, 2014 Wednesday
Ephesians 1:11-14 above

December 18, 2014 Thursday
Ephesians 1:15-23 above


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