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January 8, 2015 Thursday
Psalms 22 and 34

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December 31, 2014 Thursday
Psalms 22:

Def: Darling:

H3173 יָחִידּ yachiyd (yaw-kheed’) adj.

1. (properly) united, i.e. sole

2. (by implication) beloved

3. (also) lonely

4. (feminine) the life (as not to be replaced)

[from H3161]

KJV: darling, desolate, only (child, son), solitary.

Root(s): H3161

H3161 יָחַד yachad (yaw-khad’) v.

1. to be (or become) one

  1. When we experience trials so that it seems that God is against us and has forsaken us it is then that we need to acknowledge that God is holy and remember those the trust in God and were delivered from similar circumstances of trial. 1-6
  2. When others are mocking us because there is no evidence of God’s deliverance and provision in our life we need to be aware of God’s pre-destined plan evidence in our life from the womb. 7-10
  3. Through such trials as Christ went through as an atoning sacrifice we need to ask God to deliver us from the preciousness of our oneness with God being broken by the attacks of the enemy whose goal is to break that oneness. 11-21
  4. We are lights in the name of the Lord so that we show forth the praises of who God is. To do this requires that we fear God which is a choice to recognize God for who God is in his being of love manifested in holiness and mercy. This pure praise that comes out of the fear of God must be done in the midst of those gathered together to worship him in the fear of God with unfettered boldness that reveals our delight to be singular towards God and not towards man. 22-31

January 5, 2015 Monday
Genesis 26:

God’s blessing is on the nation of Israel because Abraham obeyed God especially in that he feared God in the sacrifice of his son Isaac to God. This blessing was passed down to Isaac and caused the Philistines to envy Israel and to fight with them for what was given by God to Israel.

January 6, 2015 Tuesday
2 Chronicles 15: also on December 25th
Psalms 34:

  1. The genuine fear of God which is a choice to rightly recognize God for who God is from the heart towards them results in seeking God. This is because it recognizes what is ultimately lasting in value who is God over the detraction of those things that are temporal and lying vanities. The fear of God is also the foundation from which springs genuine humility that births transparency and thus intimacy with God from which flows genuine praise and worship that is continual in every aspect of one’s life. 1-9
  2. The fear of the Lord comes out of the desire for wholeness and ultimate lasting fulfillment out of which springs a right motivation in alignment with conscience that points to the ultimate source in the essence of who God is in integrity of love that hates evil and loves righteousness. There is therefore the evidence of a righteous life that departs from evil and seeks to do good and bring peace. This quality birth humility and contrition before God so that there is a trust in God for deliverance and a reciprocation of the spirit of God that releases God’s delivering power. 10-22

January 7, 2015 Wednesday
Deuteronomy 18:

  1. To minister in the name of the Lord means to minister out of the Holy Spirit of God the very quality of being that is who God is. God’s ultimate purpose is that all Israel and all the corporate body of Christ would be a kingdom of priests that would so minister in the name of the Lord. The Levites are the spearhead to make way for the rest to enter into the same ministry. Others could not take their place as they were specifically chosen for that purpose. Others entered into this same kind of ministry before God but not with this very specified ministry to steer the whole nation into this direction of ministry. 1-13
  2. The Ministry of hearing from God such as concerning the future is part of the priestly ministry and requires the cutting off of all consultation of the future from other sources that are not from God. Such practices as divination and observing times are an abomination before God. 9-14
  3. The Ministry of a prophet is to communicate the voice of the Lord to God’s people in regards to what he is saying to them. The ultimate example and perfection of a prophet that would communicate to Israel is in Jesus Christ who is described and foretold here by the Lord in this passage. The evidence that one has a genuine ministry as a prophet to God’s people is that the words he speaks as God’s words come to pass completely. 15-22

January 8, 2015 Thursday
Psalms 142:
Numbers 31:

It is hard to recognize the abhorrent evil in very beautiful women that are used to lead people astray from God but conformity do what pleases God does not spare cutting off such people from our lives with an abhorrence that is in conformity to the integrity of God’s love. There is even frequency from the wicked that is defiling and needs to be purified from.

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