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2 Corinthians 12:

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Def: infirmities

G769 ἀσθένεια astheneia (as-then’-ei-ah) n.

1. feebleness (of mind or body)

2. (by implication) malady

3. (morally) frailty

[from G772]


Def: buffet

G2852 κολαφίζωkolaphizo (kol-af-id’-zo) v.

1. to rap with the fist

[from a derivative of the base of G2849]

KJV: buffet


  1. When we receive powerful visitations from God such as being caught up to heaven and visions and revelations there is the danger of people looking up to highly to us and of pride entering our soul. When this is so God can humble us through physical infirmity which could have been and epileptic attack with the apostle Paul brought on by demonic attack. We are not to look at these things that are allowed of God as to our detriment but rather as an opportunity to become strong with the power and glory of God. Genuine leadership actually takes pleasure in trials of all types. 1-10
  2. The confirmation of leadership raised up of God such as Apostles is patience towards the body of Christ accompanied by signs, wonders and mighty deeds. The evidence of such leadership is in a life style of godliness that does not seek gain from others in self-glory or material things. The other evidence is that there is great humility and tears of genuine burden for God’s people to have victory over sin. 11-21

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