evil in high places

Evil Exposed in High Places in Obama Government

Below is a video that exposes someone in the Obama government that is filled with unrighteous hate and expresses plans to kill off the white race and yet is in charge of the ammunition for the government which has recently bought a tremendous amount of ammunition 10 times greater than normal. This is certainly evil in high places. Influences like this contribute towards civil war that allows the justification of martial law and the establishment of a dictatorship.

New Law Against Religious Freedom Passed In Canada

Lawmakers in Ontario, Canada, have passed a new law that forces religious  schools to have to accept student clubs that go against their religious convictions, conscience and teachings. The new law says all schools including religious ones must allow students in from gay straight alliances. Ontario Priemer, Dalton McGuinty, disagreed with the Catholic arguments against this law by saying that “discrimination”based on “sexual orientation” is no longer acceptable and that he believes that nondiscrimination against gays “are values that transcend any one faith”. This law was passed on Tuesday, June 5, 2012.  The question here is whose discrimination is righteous whose discrimination is unrighteous. Since when does a minority have the right to discriminate against the majority with a law that violates conscience and religious liberty. Those that dare to pass such laws that are very unrighteous and very discriminating against justice for all will have their day in court one way or the other. I have no doubt that this will bring an uprising of outrage and protest across the country from many religious persuasions.



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