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April 4, 2015 Saturday
Zechariah 13:

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April 4, 2015 Saturday

Zechariah 13:

Def: uncleaness

H5079 נִדָּה niddah (nid-daw’) n-f.

1. (properly) rejection

2. (by implication) impurity

3. (especially) moral impurity (idolatry, incest, adultery, etc.)

4. (femininely, physically) menstruation

Strong’s #5079: AHLB#1303-M (N1)s

1303) Dn% (Dn% ND) ac: Nod co: Mound ab: ?: The pictograph n is a picture of a seed, the d is a picture of the tent door that allows movement back and forth through the tent. Combined these mean “continue back and forth”. A back and forth movement such as the shaking of the head.

A) Dn% (Dn% ND) ac: Toss co: Mound ab: ?: A tossing into a pile.

Nm) Dn% (Dn% ND) — Mound: [freq. 6] |kjv: heap| {H5067}

mm) Ndn% (Ndn% N-DN) — Tossings: Something that is tossed. [freq. 1] |kjv: gift| {H5083}

B) Ddn% (Ddn% NDD) ac: Toss co: ? ab: ?

  1. Ddn% (Ddn% N-DD) — Toss: To be thrown about or wander around as nodding the head. [Hebrew and Aramaic] [freq. 29] (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Hophal) |kjv: flee, wander, chase, go| {H5074, H5075}

  1. When the Messiah Jesus Christ returns to rule on the earth there will be a fountain for God’s people in Israel that will cleanse them from their acts of sin or offense against God but will also cleanse them from the innate nature to keep sinning. There will be false prophets and an unclean spirit in Israel just before the LORD returns that God will remove out of the land. 1-3
  2. When the LORD returns and this is removed there will be such a love for integrity and truth before God and man that even if the son of parents falsely prophesied they would kill him immediately out of love for a true relationship with God that will not tolerate falsehood. Vs 4
  3. At that time people will have such humility before God that they will diligently seek to be hidden from anything that would bring glory or attention to themselves. Rather they will identify with the atoning wounds of their God and Messiah and delight to be in the place of rejection as Christ was. 5-6
  4. There is the shaking of the disciples identity in their Messiah that is out of their own self righteousness and pride. Vs 7
  5. Just before the Messiah returns there is the shaking of self-righteous and self pride identity in their God and Messiah through two thirds of Jerusalem being captured. 8-9

    March 28, 2015 Saturday

    Proverbs 23:

    1. Do not even eat the food with those that offer dinner of those that have esteem and wealth among people but are wicked and deceitful. We are not to labour with a motive to become rich but to cease from our own wisdom and seek first the kingdom of God. 1-6
    2. We are not to withhold correction from rebellious children but to beat them with the rod without hurting them with permanent injury so that their soul is spared from hell. 12-15
    3. When we are in the fear of God all day long we will not envy the prosperity of sinners and will experience the time when God will bless us. 17-18
    4. We are to buy the truth including wisdom, instruction and understanding and not sell it for temporal gratifications such as sexual pleasure with whores and drunkenness. 23-35

    Revelation 10

    The mystery of God that will be finished is the consummation of the marriage of the bride with Christ and in Christ with God, the Father. The mystery of the seven thunders must have to do with what brings forth this unity and oneness with God. The seven thunders are most likely the seven perfections of the Spirit of God in bringing forth this unity which are the Spirit of the fear of God, of Holiness, of Grace, of Love, of Faith, of Oneness, and of Wisdom.

    March 30, 2015 Monday

    Isaiah 61:

    Christ said, blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted. It is those that mourn in the body of Christ and are broken hearted over the captivity of sin that has caused division and held back the glory of God that shall receive the glory of God with great joy and praise. They are the ones that will restore the losses of past generations and even cause cities that became desolation’s to shine forth in restoration with the glory of God. They will be a remnant in the nation of Israel itself and also in the body of Christ throughout the world. Their offspring will be known among the world as the seed which God has blessed. All they do will be done out of truth without hypocrisy. They will be clothed with the presence of God in great joy with garments of salvation and righteousness. This will be like a bridegroom decked ornaments and jewels for the bride. This in turn will cause the praise of God to spring forth in abundance throughout all nations that will usher in the fullness of God’s glory and presence on the earth that will usher in the millennial reign of Christ and the destruction of the anti-Christ and its world system.

    Revelation 11: the 6th and 7th seal in more detail.

    March 31, 2015 Tuesday

    Deuteronomy 12:

    It is important to recognize the place where God is confirming He wants His dwelling presence to come down on the earth among His people. This stops everyone doing what is right in their own eyes and conquers denominational tendencies and divisions and brings unity to a people and nation. It is also important to bring all our offerings to the LORD and rejoice before the LORD which facilitates full identity in God and separation from the defiling influences of the world.

    April 1, 2015 Wednesday

    Colossians 4: It is through the prayers of others that doors of utterance are opened to speak the mystery of Christ. We should labor fervently in prayer that others may stand perfect and complete in all the will of God.

    Jeremiah 52: When God’s judgment comes on a nation it is severe on those in leadership who have not taken a stand against sin in their rebellion against God.

    Revelation 12: Before the seventh trumpet judgment there is an anti-christ system with great demonic power because Satan and his angels are conquered and cast into the earth to persecute the bride of Christ in Israel and in the Gentiles.


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