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September 22, 2016
Luke 8:
Length: 32:39

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September 20, 2016 Tuesday
Luke 8:

  1. Many of the women that ministered to Jesus were healed of evil spirits and infirmities by Jesus before they entered into the privileged opportunity to minister to Jesus Christ. 1-3
  2. The parable of the seed falling into different ground conditions is about the various conditions of heart that stop us from truly receiving the word of God and the heart condition that indeed does truly hear, that is receive, the word of God to fulfill its purpose in God. 4-15
  3. Everything that God allows in our life and that we receive has a purpose and if you do not use what you have to its full purpose which is for the glory of God then you have not really perceived or received what you have. It is therefore very important how we are receptive to receiving or how we hear truth and what we do with it. If we are not faithful to use the truth and gifts that God has given us then even those things with disappear. 5-18
  4. If we allow those that we have strong roots of identity with such as our relatives to influence our choices then were are hearing them and this is deafening us from hearing God to do His will. 19-21

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