Life After Death Videos From CBN.COM


16 Years Building 16 Billion Dollar Collider To Find God Particle

View Of Non Christian Physicist On Other Dimensions

People Who Were Clinically Dead Describe Details On Earth They Could Not Have Known Since They Were Dead

The Most Exceptionally Amazing Account Of Ian McCormack Who Was Dead For 20 Minutes and Entered Heaven

A more detailed account of 10 parts on Ian McCormack Who Was Dead For 20 Minutes and Entered Heaven

An Amazing Account Of Howard Storm, An Atheist Who Died! (15 minutes )

An Amazing Account Of An Atheist Who Died ( Part 2 )

A Very Moving Eyewitness Account Of The Other World From A Non Believer Who Died In A Plane Crash

A Very Credidible Eyewitness Account Of 90 Minutes In Heaven After Being Pronounced Dead

A Credible Account And Real Depiction Of A Man That Spent 23 Minutes In Hell

Teens Suicide and Subsequent Experience In Hell and Then in Heaven

Child Dies And Goes To Heaven And Returns To Tell Things He Could Not Have Known

She Entered Hell and Lived To Warn About Eternity

Flat lined Patient Raised From the Dead


2 Responses to Life After Death Videos From CBN.COM

  • jason poulos says:

    I only have limited time for u tube on my account.Is there another way I can watch videos or documentaries on my phone.thanks for your time have a blessed day

    • wellswell says:

      I tested the videos out on my Samsung and though the videos play there does not seem to be the ability to stop them or pause them easily. It is probably better to go to the section where I have weekly iTunes podcasts which are done far more frequently than the videos. There are probably other browsers that will work far more better with the videos than this default browser that is on my Samsung. Have a blessed day.

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