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Exposing and Conquering the Deception of Apostacy


August 20, 2014 Wednesday
Luke 14:

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August 20, 2014 Wednesday

Luke 14:

  1. The exposed hypocrisy of mere performance to please God by the keeping of his commandments rather than loving God. 1-6
  2. The importance of denying the pursuit of self reward and self glory and rather choosing humility before God out of pursuing God’s glory. 7-11
  3. The importance of denying expected reward and blessing before God and others by personally recognizing God’s mercy and showing it to those who cannot return favor. 12-14
  4. The failure to be thankful to God by recognizing and honoring God as our life source and source of blessing by becoming focused on God’s gifts and blessings to us over God. 15-24
  5. The secret of conquering the failure to fear God and be thankful by recognizing God as the source of worth and thereby counting the cost that it is worth it all. 25-35
    1. The choice to abide in the truth and pay the price to speak live the truth brings the satisfying taste of reality that preserves us and others. 34-35



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