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God Headship In Body Invasion Book Announcement


Mar 31, 2019

Ministered on Sunday 03.17.2019
Message length: ( 27:10 minutes )

This book is entirely devoted to cooperating with Gods ultimate purpose for all creation which involves the bringing forth of His corporate bride in local assemblies throughout the whole earth. It is a template for the planting and governance of local assemblies that will not limit the fullness of the headship of God in Jesus Christ from fully inhabiting the local assembly with His presence. It is a call for the redeemed to repent and restore God’s Spiritual Temple and become His House of Prayer and Holiness that will bring the fullness of the habitation of God’s glory in the gatherings around Jesus Christ. Great historical invasions of God’s Spirit such as in the Welsh revival and the Azusa Street revival that have greatly impacted the world have come and gone. This is the presentation of a new order under the headship of Jesus Christ that will be, as it were, a new wine skin to contain the last great outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit so that the glory of God does not dissipate, but rather ever increases upon the earth to usher in the return of the bridegroom for His bride. In other words, its purpose is to establish a beachhead of the full dwelling of Gods presence in local assemblies around the world in order to allow Gods kingdom of love to conquer them, their community, town, city, region, and nation.

It is in outline form and as such can be used as a template for planting and establishing new churches or for reconstituting a present established assembly to enter into the full government of God under the headship of Jesus Christ. The contents reveal understanding with suggestions and examples to lead a corporate assembly out of the impure control of our fallen ways into the ways of God and the full habitation and headship of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit in local assemblies around the world. It goes into detail to clear up misunderstandings that have caused division such as on the speaking in tongues. There is detailed understanding on the essential doctrines for a genuine faith fellowship of oneness with God and each other, such as the seven ones of Ephesians chapter 4.

In this book is laid out the working out of governance in regards to being members one of another under the headship of Jesus Christ that does not allow the corrupt impure motives of man’s control to have any place. This book has an in-depth outline that gives the full details of all the different kinds of gatherings and ministries there should be and how in general they should be conducted with suggestions for the best times of meetings. For example, details are given to start a new local assemblies through establishing a place of much prayer, the best-suggested specifics for performing the communion of bread and wine and suggested best times for meetings that would bring the greatest reverential love for God and each other. This includes proposed gatherings to organize the assembly to help each other with business opportunities, to help the poor in the assembly, to do evangelism, to plant another church, to survive major disasters such as an Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack and much more.

Originally this book was over 400 pages and contained some other sections in the outline. This last half contained many strong scientific sources of evidence against the theory of evolution and related beliefs and for the validity of the word of God. I decided to divide this book into 2 books so that far more people could be reached to align with Gods plan for the last days. The name of this counterpart book to this book is, “The World Conquering Love Reality Invasion Message”

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