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The Pride Factor Plan


Apr 8, 2021


Message by lot before God
on Proverbs 30 and Romans 9 
Message Length: 46:07
Scripture Reading With Preaching

April 8, 2021 Thursday
Genesis 37, Psalms 82, and Colossians 1

The children of God may start their pilgrimage of life with reverence and belief in the one true God and yet be filled with a lot of self and pride. God, therefore, arranges circumstances to corner them to the place where their pride is broken and they cry out to God for mercy and discover the greatness of God’s love and mercy towards them. Joseph was living with his father’s wife’s sons and then would bring an evil report to his father about how bad they were. Add this on top of the fact that he was sharing with his brothers’ dreams where they bow down to him and we see that their pride was exposed. How little was their respect for Jacob their father that they would allow Jacob to be so terribly hurt by the false belief of the loss of his son. It was the Midianites the discovered Joseph in the pit that his brothers left him in with the intent to sell them to the Ishmaelites. Midian means contention and we know that comes from the root of pride and is the cause of division. Likewise in Psalms 82 though God’s people are called the mighty ones God has to humble them in order to break their pride. This is because they’re putting their identity in those that are proud like them and thereby controlling and accepting the wicked which God hates.

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