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The Transcendence of Creativity From Judgement

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June 28, 2014 Saturday
Titus 3:

We are to be in submission to the present powers of government in this world and not to speak derogatory of them even when they lead with foolishness or injustice. We do this out of recognition of the greatness of God’s mercy to us to have saved us from our evil and foolish life. God’s mercy that saved us did this by the word of God revealing our sin to us so that it could be washed away through repentance and allow our life to be regenerated back to the way it was created to be before the fall of Adam and Eve. In the continuance of this process there is also constant renewing with the fresh filling of God’s Holy Spirit. As such we should not allow ourselves to get into a mind and heart set with others that displays judgment and does not show mercy. For example, we should not be seeking or having arguments with others about issues that our minor because they hold no bearing that have lasting value and do not profit others. In fact people that are opinionated over such minor issues divide the body of Christ and are called heretics. If they refuse your reproof after the second time reject them as the body of Christ because this gives evidence that there is unrepentant sin in their life.  

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