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The Triumph of Faith For These Last Days

October 26, 2016 Wenesday
Philippians 3:

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October 18, 2016 Tuesday

John 8:

What corners us to the mercy of God is the conscience in the heart in light of the Holiness of God such as revealed in the law that requires the consequences of our guilt as condemned before God. 1-11

Jesus plainly declares that His being is the source of light and truth and that it comes out of the life of God. 12-20

Jesus only did those things that He knew were of the Father and pleased the Father and never did things of Himself. 21-30

It is our continuance in the word of God that makes us the disciples of God that know the truth that liberates us from slavery to sin. 31-37

It is where ones heart is in motives of lust that causes us to not be able to hear the word of God nor to understand it. 38-45

October 19, 2016 Wednesday

Philippians 3:

We are to beware or on guard against those who like dogs bark at things that are minor to cause division and also those that mutilate others in their soul with the word of God as well as those that work evil. In contrast to such people we are those that have been circumcised in our heart through receiving the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and worship God in the Holy Spirit with rejoicing and no confidence in our own sufficiences. 1-3

Confidence even in the righteousness we have lived out in our past must be counted as loss and all things are counted as loss in order to gain the excellency of knowing Jesus Christ. In fact we should count all of this as dung or meaningless waste. 4-8

We seek to be found in Jesus Christ without any of our own self righteousness. 9

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